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You want to get the most out of your property. When you get home from a long day, you just want to unwind and enjoy the outdoors in a space that’s comfortable and functional. There’s nothing better than enjoying a South Carolina sunset with your family on your expansive patio with a delicious meal you made with your built-in kitchen.

Outdoor living is the best living. With our outdoor rooms, you get useable square footage in what will be the favorite part of your home: your new backyard.

Let Vista Landscaping create that perfect view. Contact us today.

A Complete Home Includes Outdoor Living Space

We all hate the grind of the workweek. The stresses of your job wear you down. And when you get home, you can’t fully relax, because you’ve got a space that’s not conducive to the type of togetherness that you want your family to feel. There isn’t enough room to get everyone together, and what’s there is bland and uninspiring.

You should have the landscape you deserve. You worked liked crazy to be able to afford a home, so why shouldn’t it be everything you want it to be? Why should you feel trapped and confined by spaces that close off your possibilities rather than creating outdoor freedom?

It’s time to carve out a space for yourself.

Rustic outdoor kitchen and fireplace

A Landscaper that Gives You Outdoor Freedom

You need a partner that understands the value of quality and dependability. At Vista Landscaping, we know how much you treasure your outdoor spaces, be it a patio, deck, outdoor kitchen or garden. Our families spend all their time outdoors, cooking, entertaining, and enjoying the time away from work. 

We understand the South Carolina lifestyle and what you need to live it.

How do you get started?

We’ve got a 5-step plan that integrates your vision into the workflow
to get you a patio, garden, or front-yard landscape you love.

Contact Us

Press the contact button above to fill out our form or give us a call. You’ll hear from a member of our leadership team to schedule an initial interview. We believe in a collaborative process that takes into account all your needs, so by the end, your new space is exactly what you were envisioning.

Space Evaluation

A landscaping expert checks your space to see how your goals match up to the available space and budget. We leave no stone unturned during our inquiries and use our years of experience to set realistic goals for your project.

Design & Discuss

We start turning your goals into actionable plans. This can be with a designer or without, but you’ll get better results with a designer who knows how to fit the function you want into a form you love.


Once the papers are signed, our master craftsmen can get to work. We strive to make the hardscape construction or plant installation processes as painless as possible. We hold our crews to high standards, and they treat our clients’ homes as their own.

Follow Up

We always check back in with our clients to make sure they’re happy with our service after the sale. We perform two follow-ups. After 3 months and a year, we contact our clients to make sure they’re still satisfied with the condition of their new outdoor space. If there is anything we can address, we do our best to make it right.

An Outdoor Transformation

With the right plan in place and an expert on your side, you’re certain to get the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of, whether it’s a new patio, a pool-side oasis, an outdoor kitchen, or a luxurious garden. You’ll have a place to unwind after a long day, catch up with the family, have fun or keep the messy work of cooking away from the home. 

And you get all that with a partner who understands and respects your vision and your property, whose workers are courteous and professional and don’t leave the job half-done. We go the extra mile to uncover what you think will work best for your yard. 

You don’t have to worry about a landscaper who settles for “good enough” or gives you substandard products. At Vista Landscaping, we stand behind our products and services. And with our maintenance program, your new outdoor living space will last for years, if not decades.

stainless steel grill and outdoor kitchen
stone steps leading to fire pit and grill

Outdoor Living

We pride ourselves on our outdoor living service. We create loads of useable space on your property for a fraction of what a renovation or an addition would cost. 

The value of an outdoor kitchen or large patio can’t be understated. In terms of square footage, it’s one of the most sensible purchases a homeowner can make. 

We excel at creating outdoor “living rooms” like covered patios or decks. These homey environments give you an escape from the workaday world. If you want to host more gatherings, we can add in entertainment centerpieces, like a fireplace with a built-in TV, or enhance your pool area with a pergola and a fire feature. 

If you’ve got a grand vision for your backyard, it’s time to call in the experts.

Landscape Installation & Design

There’s no better way to boost your curb appeal than to create a landscape installation plan. The right plants in the right places can make your home more attractive and even more valuable. 

For that, you need a landscape designer who knows the ins and outs of South Carolina’s climate. What plants work and what plants don’t and in what situations. Only with that solid base of knowledge can we start to move toward a landscape that works for you and your environment.

But you’ll need an expert’s touch to get the results you’re looking for. There are a lot of factors to consider, like soil type and rainfall patterns that lead to successful softscapes. You’re most likely to succeed by working with a partner with years of experience in building effective landscape plans in the region.

garden with flowers surrounded by stone
backyard waterfall

Water Management

Most homeowners don’t think about their irrigation and drainage systems until it’s too late. If you don’t plan ahead, you can wind up with a system that doesn’t support your plants. Or worse, you can end up with flooding on your property. Without the right drainage plan, you could get standing water on your property or even foundation damage.

You need an expert when you’re planning for water management. Contact us to learn about our programs and find one that will work for you.

We also install water features that add value to your pool, deck or patio. A pool waterfall can make the centerpiece of your yard a jaw-dropper. Or a fountain

Landscape Lighting

Use your new landscape all the time! By adding landscape lighting to your backyard, you can get months more quality outdoors time. It’s important during the winter when the days are shorter and you might leave work well past sunset. 

The right lighting package can also make your new landscape look great. You can emphasize the striking features so they stand out even better at night.

Talk to our experts about how landscape lighting can add beauty and value to your new patio, poolscape or garden. 

landscape lighting and waterfall
waterfall and pond in front of house

Landscape Maintenance

Sick of mowing, weeding, raking, edging, pruning and all the other chores that come with having a well-maintained landscape? Why not have specialists come by and handle it for you? Our teams can get your tasks done faster and better than you can, and leave you with more time on the weekends to spend with friends and family.

Plus with a team coming by regularly, you’ll get the right lawn care strategies employed at the right time, and we can catch any problems before they grow into larger issues. Your grass will stay greener with a lawn care plan.

Fertilization and Pest Control

Timing is everything with fertilization. You need to know when and how if you want to keep your lawn healthy throughout the growing season. Instead of guessing at it and trekking all the supplies from a big box retailer, why not call the experts? We’ll be right there when your lawn needs us most.

We also offer pest control services. The best way to keep the pests at bay is to be proactive. You need regular inspections and preventative measures to keep those disease-carrying and structure-damaging pests off your property.

grill with trees and grass in the background

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