Fertilization and Pest Control

You need a service that not only follows through on their jobs, but also is available when your lawn needs a little extra TLC. No one can predict when pests will invade your lawn or when weeds will take over the beauty of your landscape. At Vista Landscaping, we know the importance of regular fertilization and pest control and how it can affect the beauty of your outdoor space.

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work to have to face the chores that your lawn has for you. Sitting down and unwinding in your outdoor space isn’t relaxing when your lawn isn’t as green as you’d like or you have pests taking over your lawn. Why interrupt your relaxation with a less than pleasing landscape? You work hard to have your lawn and outdoor space; you should have the beautiful lawn that you deserve without putting in the hard work yourself. What you need is a landscaping service that understands fertilization and pest control.

5-Step Fertilization & Pest Control Plan

We can help you enjoy your South Carolina lifestyle with the following five steps to get quality fertilization and pest control at your home.

Contact Us

Complete our online form or call us. Either way, you’ll talk with one of our experienced team members that will discuss your lawn’s needs. We will discuss the condition of your lawn, the last time you fertilized it, and how we can help ensure that your lawn remains well cared for throughout the year. If there are any specific issues you know about with your lawn, let us know about them right away.

Lawn Evaluation

One of our landscaping experts will come out and evaluate the condition of your lawn. We know what to look for to determine the right fertilizing program as well as any necessary pest control. Our trained experts can tell you exactly what’s wrong with your lawn and how we can help make it beautiful once again.

Creating a Plan

Together, we can come up with a fertilization and pest control plan that suits your budget and helps your lawn. We will choose pre-determined times to come out and fertilize your lawn for the best results in the South Carolina weather. We will also discuss the need for on-demand service should something unexpected occur that affects the integrity of your lawn.


Once we craft the perfect plan for fertilization and pest control, we’ll draw up a contract. This ensures that everyone is on the same page with your fertilization and pest control services. Once you sign the contract, the worry of your fertilization and pest control is off your shoulders and on ours!

Follow Up

100% customer satisfaction is our No. 1 goal. Our experts will follow up without you throughout the process to ensure that our products and service meet your needs and desires for your outdoor living space. If you need anything further, or you need a specific issue addressed, let one of our expert team leaders know and we will work hard to make things right immediately.

Why Have Professional Fertilization and Pest Control Services?

You may wonder why you should pay for fertilization and pest control services when you can head to your local big box retailer, purchase the products yourself, and apply them, right? Doing your own fertilization and pest control could mean that you face some of the issues below:

You won’t have the right products. At Vista Landscaping, we have the expertise to know the perfect fertilization and pest control products for a particular job. We can ensure that you have the best results.

You may not have the results you desire. Our trained landscaping experts know how to use the products in every situation. No two South Carolina lawns have the same needs. If you miss a step, you may not have the beautiful results you desire for your outdoor living space.

You need a lot of time. Fertilization and pest control takes a lot of time and knowledge. Figuring out which products your lawn needs and when is just a part of the process. You still have to apply them, which could stress you out, taking away time from enjoying your outdoor living space.

How Vista Landscaping Can Help

Do these cons seem overwhelming? Don’t let it take away from your relaxing, outdoor space. Let the experts at Vista Landscaping help. You’ll enjoy the following benefits:

No more guesswork. Why guess what your lawn needs when our experts can tell right away and apply the right products the first time? You’ll have beautiful results in your outdoor space right away.

More time to enjoy your outdoor space. You work hard all week in order to enjoy your outdoor living space. Don’t waste time lugging the fertilization and pest control supplies home and then more time applying them. Our experts are timely, efficient, and clean, leaving you with a treated lawn that will give you many enjoyable hours enjoying your South Carolina outdoor space.

No more pests. There’s nothing more frustrating than to find out that pests, such as beetles, crickets, or grubs have taken over your lawn. Our experts have trained eyes to see these pests immediately, long before you will see them. We can apply the appropriate treatment right away and avoid any serious damage to your lawn.

Ultimate care and safety. Fertilization and pest control products aren’t anything to take lightly. If you don’t know how to use them properly, you could put the integrity of your lawn and even your own health at risk. Our trained experts use only the safest and highest quality products and methods to ensure the care of your lawn.

Vista Landscaping is here to help you create the South Carolina outdoor living space that you desire. Don’t let the hard work of fertilization and pest control take over your enjoyment of your space. Call us today to start the process and we’ll have your lawn looking beautiful and healthy right away.

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