Irrigation and Drainage

Once you have the beautiful landscaping you’ve always wanted, there’s only one thing left to consider: the health of your plants and property. A good water management system provides the irrigation and drainage your landscaping needs to thrive. We have a skilled design and installation crew that can customize a home irrigation system for you that doesn’t detract from the beauty of your home. 

The less time you spend worrying about how much water your landscape needs, the more time you’ll get to spend enjoying it. And not only that, a well-designed water management system will ensure that you get the most out of every drop. We design each system to fit your property’s unique needs and make our systems easy to manage. That means less stress and less on water bills.

Our expert team will find the right water management system for you.

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5-Step Irrigation & Drainage Plan

Here’s how our 5-step plan applies to your new water management system: 

Contact Us

Press the contact button above to fill out our form, or just give us a call. You’ll hear from a member of our team to schedule our first conversation about your project. We believe in a collaborative process that turns your vision into reality.

Space Evaluation

One of our landscaping experts will survey your property to see what kind of water management needs you have. We know each property’s irrigation and drainage systems will be unique, so we want to understand your space completely.


With the help of one of our skilled designers, a plan will be laid out to ensure the health of your plants and property for years to come.

Contract & Construction

Once the paperwork is done, we set to work. Our crew will treat your lawn and landscaping with the utmost care while they install your new water management system. We hold our crews to high standards, and they treat our clients’ homes as their own.

Follow Up

We always check on our water management systems to make sure they’re performing as intended. We perform two follow-ups, once after 3 months and the second after a year. Of course, if there’s something we can improve on in the meantime, let us know and we’ll work to make it right.

Press the contact button or give us a call. We will make your landscaping more manageable without detracting from its beauty, and we’ll do it within your budget. Stop worrying about watering and start enjoying your beautiful home.

Why Hire a Pro for Your Irrigation and Drainage

A proper water management system ensures that your yard and landscaping projects will last for years to come. Not only would a professionally designed water management system from Vista Landscaping cut down on your workload, but with our know-how at your disposal it can also save water and money. When considering what your property needs in terms of landscaping design, do not overlook the value of a well-designed irrigation plan.

Watering plan:
Whether you are trying to modernize an already beautiful yard or installing a new softscape for you to enjoy or to boost curb appeal, you’ll want to consider proper watering for your plants. Vista Landscaping will look at your watering needs as a start, but that’s not nearly all we take into consideration.

Topographic adjustments:
We want to get the most out of every drop of water that comes onto your property. Firstly, that means we’ll look at the natural topography of the land. Which way does water flow once it hits your property? We take this into consideration because proper drainage doesn’t just mean protecting your plants and property, but making sure that plants on slightly higher ground get what they need too.

Climate knowledge:
We also consider climate patterns in your area. We understand that many of the homes in our area are liable to experience both droughts and downpours over the course of any given two-year window. That means you need an easy to manage irrigation and drainage system that can adjust to your changing needs.

Why You Can’t DIY Irrigation and Drainage

Poor drainage:
Not having the correct water drainage system can result in a myriad of issues that can be costly to fix. The obvious one is flooding. It’s common sense that if water, whether it is from your irrigation system or from mother nature, has no place to go it will simply rise or stay put. Standing water can cause overwatering, uproot your plants, attract mosquitos, and in some cases cause damage to your home such as mold on your fences or porch. If you want to protect the beautiful landscaping work that’s been done on your property, drainage is key.

Property damage:
What happens underground is as important as what happens on the surface. If your water management system is not properly managed, then water that has seeped underground can make it’s way to your home’s foundation. Over time, water can erode the foundation of your home, causing cracks and other structural weaknesses. The foundation is often one of the least thought of aspects any home, but also one of the most expensive to fix. With experienced water management designers and installers working for you, you can avoid unforeseen issues on your property.

Poor water flow:
Vista Landscaping’s team always makes sure to consider not only what needs water, but where that water goes once your plants are taken care of. Our design team will take your property’s unique natural topography into consideration and build you a drainage system that can manage the output of our irrigation system and more. Hit the contact button above and let us show you what a truly professional water management system can do for your property.

Vista Landscaping has the knowledge and skill to implement the right irrigation system to fit your landscaping needs.
Contact us today to cut down on your workload and your water bills.

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