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After a long day at work, you want a relaxing place to unwind and enjoy. If you desire complete outdoor freedom, you will need a beautiful, inviting place to sit and relax. This means an outdoor living space complete with the right plants, trees and shrubs in your garden. To get the most out of your outdoor living space, you need the experts to do it for you – the experts at Vista Landscaping.

If you are ready to create that beautiful, relaxing oasis, you need a landscaper that has the knowledge and expertise to create it for you.

At Vista Landscaping, we understand the importance of the South Carolina outdoor lifestyle. We know how to partner with you to help you get the backyard that you love without all of the hard work that goes along with it.

How do you start? Just follow our 5-step plan:

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5-Step Landscape Design Plan

Contact Us

Start by completing our online form or calling us. Our team will get back to you promptly, setting up your interview. During this interview, we’ll get a feel for what look you imagine for your outdoor living space and we’ll provide our input/advice to help you make your vision come true.

Space Evaluation

After speaking over the phone, one of our team members will come out and see your outdoor space. This is when we can get a true understanding of your vision, how it fits in with your budget, and how we can help you achieve it.


This is the fun step. Now we turn your goals into real steps that we will take to make your vision come true. Typically, we recommend the use of a designer, especially when choosing plants, flowers, and gardens in order to get the best results.

Contract & Construction

Once we agree on a design, timeline, and budget, it’s time to sign the contract. Once signed, our landscaping experts can get to work creating the beautiful outdoor space that you desire. You can trust that our experts will operate efficiently, with respect, and ensuring your 100% satisfaction throughout the entire project.

Follow Up

Since customer service is our #1 goal, we always follow up with every client at two intervals – after three months and after one year. We use this opportunity to make sure you are still 100% satisfied with the plants, trees, hedges, and gardens. We also make sure you don’t have any other questions or concerns regarding your outdoor space.

Why You Should Hire Experts for Your Plant, Tree, Shrub and Garden Installation

You probably think that you could handle picking out the right plants, hedges, shrubs, or trees for your garden. Maybe you even have a vision for the perfect garden that you want to put into place. But do you have the expertise necessary to choose the landscaping that will enhance your living space and thrive? There are some disadvantages to trying to do this yourself:

Lackluster results:
Just because a plant, tree, or bush looks beautiful at the nursery doesn’t mean it will do well in your yard. Each plant, tree, or bush needs a specific environment. If you don’t know what a plant needs or you aren’t truly aware of the environmental factors in your yard, you may have less than desired results.

Takes up time:
Choosing, buying, and planting bushes, trees, and shrubs takes a lot of time. Once you purchase them, you have to plant them fairly quickly. If the weather doesn’t cooperate or you don’t have the time to install them right away, you run the risk of ruining your investment.

Proper care:
You can read the tags that come on the plants, trees, and shrubs all you want, but nothing compares to a professional caring for your landscaping for you or at the very least, instructing you how to do it. New plants, trees, and shrubs are fragile. Without proper care, they may not turn out the way you hoped.

Vista Landscaping’s Expert Plant, Tree, Shrub, and Garden Installation

If you want a beautiful outdoor space that has incredible plants, trees, shrubs, and gardens, you need the experts at Vista Landscaping. When you hire our experts, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Have the right trees, bushes, and plants for your area:
Our experts know exactly which plants and trees will work best in your yard. We fully inspect your outdoor living space before making any recommendations, so that we know exactly which items will not only survive, but thrive in your yard.

Expert designs:
Planting trees, plants, and gardens takes more than picking the ones you think are the prettiest and planting them. It’s a work of art. Our design experts can create the relaxing outdoor space that you desire by using their expertise and knowledge of each plant, tree, and shrub available and combining it with their design expertise.

Save money:
You might think you’ll save money doing your landscaping yourself, but when you let our experts design and plant it, then you know that they will be quality landscaping products that will look good and stand the test of time. We know what plants and trees work in each area and choose accordingly, saving you the time and headaches of replacing dead landscaping.

Try new things:
Do you constantly turn to the old ‘standby’ trees, shrubs, and plants? You choose the items that you know work well or that you understand. When you let our experts handle your plant installation, we’ll branch out for you. We’ll help you discover beautiful trees, plants, and shrubs that you may never have tried or even known about before using our services.

Vista Landscaping is your answer to creating a beautiful outdoor living space with beautiful trees, plants, shrubs, and gardens.
Call us today to get started or complete our online form and one of our team members will get in touch with you right away!

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